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Leading Digital Marketing Strategist, FUNnel Geek & Life Lover Katie Joy presents

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These WORKSHOPS are IDEAL for Women Experiencing...

Confusion & Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed & confused, then join a workshop to get clarity & forward with ease, speed and joy!

Isolation Working-from-Home 

Working-from-home can also feel isolating at times. Connect with others regularly and form real relationships.

A Desire to Learn

You are great at what you do, but not necessarily at marketing. This is a great way to socialise & increase your marketing skills.

Say YES to getting the important shiz done in your business ...& make friends in the process!

Coz biz-building doesn't need to be hard.

Virtual & Face to Face Done-with-You Workshops

Topics Include: Funnel Mapping, Social Selling, Content Creation, Video Marketing

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Now you've got a digital marketer in your pocket!

I care deeply about mums living up to their full potential in life, parenting & financial independence! So, what to expect?

We'll be co-working together as you achieve micro-milestones in your business & you'll be able to make friends with other mums...this a sacred space for co-creation!

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Some of the workshops topic include: Funnel Mapping, Social Selling, Content Creation, Video Marketing, Sales Page Copywriting...

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Ask digital marketing questions, hang out, share your expertise and have fun! 

We love seeing you shine & grow your confidence in promoting your business.

Show up as your beautiful self on camera!

Camera on, let's co-create your marketing bit by bit. Ask questions, brainstorm, collaborate & work together for the greater good!

Don’t Miss These LIVE Workshops & Networking with Other Mums
**90 mins of Co-Creation**

The types of workshops include:


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